Michael Henry

Everyone knows the famous proverb “Money begets money” and since money is needed in every business (and especially your business), every penny counts! Michal Henry joined FWS with that exact purpose in mind; to make sure that every penny you spend on expanding and promoting your business is spent with the utmost respect, and to bring you the best ROI possible. Before joining Fastlane, Michal perfected his love for finances while working in the banking industry for over a decade. First it was one of the largest institutions in the US, Chase Bank N.A., before moving onto one of the largest private banks in Illinois. Michal has also co-owned his own SEO & web design agency after finding the need to better advertise his numerous online store ventures. His products have been featured in Cosmopolitan and his customers include Zodiac Aerospace, CLEMCO, Zegna, and an unnamed company working on a contract for the Department of Defense. Through his personal business expertise, online knowledge and his love for finance, Michal is here to make sure that our numbers add up and your results multiply.

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